Aim and specific objectives




Provide strategies for improving the quality of majority language (ML) teaching in secondary schools by identifying and exemplifying classroom strategies and by collecting information about resources, mainly for teachers and other agents of change in the education system; empower language professionals in the field to develop their practice beyond the area of expertise they were initially trained in by systematically documenting and presenting relevant information and feeding it to professional networks.

Specific objectives

  1. Pool information and resources available to ML teachers in secondary schools for integrating plurilingual education (PE) into their teaching;
  2. Identify change management strategies and describe examples of good practice for supporting classroom teachers' activities with regard to PE in ML-teaching by school organisation, curriculum development, teacher training;
  3. Identify and document principles on how to foster PE in ML-teaching in secondary school classrooms (cf. 2.);
  4. Identify, gain access to and disseminate to existing professional networks dealing with PE in ML-teaching and establish new ones with project participants.

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