• Electronic materials and resources collected on the project website will continue to be available after the project cycle and will be updated by team members and project participants (if the ECML cannot host it further we will find an alternative web space and will envisage a cooperation with professional associations in running the site);
  • professional networks continue to function and multiply/disseminate project content and updated information to the professional community as team members continue to renew contacts;
  • book publication (containing accounts of the results b, d, g and h) will be distributed to interested parties in print and pdf format and can be used as a reference tool;
  • project team members (and dedicated network meeting participants) will disseminate results in their working environments and national and international forums;
  • individual teachers, but also education authorities, curriculum and syllabus designers, teacher trainers and schools will be made aware of the materials developed in the project in different dissemination activities and can use them to develop measures and materials on the national/regional/local level;
  • further project work (e.g. within the framework of the ECML) could build upon the project results and develop more application-oriented materials (checklists, how-to manuals, training kits, materials templates...).

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