Project description

Majority language instruction as basis for plurilingual education
Subtitle:  Diversifying "Mother Tongue" Teaching in Multilingual Contexts

Medium-term project (2009-2011)

Project working languages:  English and  German

Thematic strand: Plurilingual education

Expected results and output:

  • collection of strategies for change management in the field of plurilingual majority language teaching;
  • illustrative case studies/examples of good practice from a variety of countries;
  • conclusions on how to transfer good ideas to other contexts in order to improve majority language teaching with regard for plurilingualism.

Target audience for the activities planned within the project: 

  • teachers working as multipliers in networks;
  • teacher educators.

Target audience for the project results:

  • teachers;
  • teacher educators;
  • curriculum and learning materials developers.

Sector of education focussed on:

  • lower and upper secondary school.

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