Examples from majority language classrooms

Additional information in German available on the German version of this page.

Classroom video: KS4 English - Responding to Poetry (Teachers TV)

Plurilingual gender class in the French majority language classroom

Reading and Writing with Newspapers

"My Languages" - Language Awareness in a Finnish study book

Awareness for the grammatical category "nouns" in Finnish

"Dual Showcase" in Canada

"Présentations autour du monde"

"The Tower of Babel" - the abundance of languages

Bilingual School in the Netherlands

Different powerpoints about language, dialects etc.

  • These examples were created by the School Of English Literature, Language and Linguistics at the University of Sheffield
    There are different powerpoints for different topics which give teachers ideas to tackle the topic of language and self. They can easily be adapted to various learning and teachings situations

 "Tales multilingual"



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