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  • Ja-Ling (Janua Linguarum) - The gateway to languages (ECML project)
How can education prepare individuals to face the cultural and linguistic diversity of the society they are living in? A certain number of innovations have been started up in several countries, mainly in primary schools, under different titles (éveil/ouverture aux langues, language awareness, Sprachaufmerksamkeit). The Ja-Ling project offers didactic materials and evaluation tools in English and a number of other languages.

  • Planning for Bilingual Learners: An Inclusive Curriculum. Edited by Maggie Gravelle 2000 [visited 26.4.2009]

The introduction to this book is available online and provides a useful introduction for mainstream subject teachers to ways of supporting bilingual learners.

  • The NATEPACK: Multicultural Perspectives in the English Classroom [visited 26.4.2009]

Though this is only available for purchase, it is a practical resource pack for English (as ML) teachers containing photocopiable worksheets. NATE is the National Association for Teachers of English, the subject association for all teachers of English.

  • English for Pupils With Diverse Backgrounds. Richard Quarshie. [visited 26.4.2009]

This provides a framework for diversity for teachers of English as ML. 

Including ideas for teaching after the l'éveil aux langues approach to face the plurilingual reality of schools today.

Summary (in French)

Resources page:

The booklet provides information and teaching ideas for including a plurilingual approach in schools. There are exercises for specific languages included (which can easily be adapted for other languages).

  • EMA Portal - Online Support for Ethnic Minority Attainment

Information and resources for pupils for whom English is an additional language. You can search the resources by key stage, subject and language (direct link to resource page:,res_search&item=eal)

  • Jonckheere, S., De Doncker, H., De Smedt, H. (2009). Talen op een Kier:
    Talensensibilisering voor het basisonderwijs. Mechelen: Plantyn

    A book about Awakening to Languages from Belgium, in Flemish. You can order it  here.
  • FREPA - Framework of reference für pluralistic approaches (CARAP): Teaching materials

    The database CARAP-FREPA – Online teaching materials offers teaching activities which fall within the scope of pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures. 
    The purpose of this collection of materials, which include input in different languages, is to facilitate access to classroom activities which will help learners master the knowledge, skills and attitudes which the framework lists as « resources » and which can be developed by pluralistic approaches. All the materials proposed refer explicitly to descriptors of resources as they can be found in the framework.

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